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Thanks Raj,

Tak (pronounced tukuh) is how I learned closed sounding te (index finger) followed by ke

Taka (pronounced tahkah) is how I learned open Na (also ta) followed by ke.

So long as your saying its all closed sound (with regard to kttk) then I think we are on the same page. I guess that is Punjab gharana method or perhaps just HIS way of notating?

Either way, again thanks so much.


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The English alphabet can really confuse things!

Here's my interpretation:

Tak = single bol with all four fingers slightly cupped and striking center of dayan

Taka ("Tuh Kuh")= two bols - closed strike on center of dayan with index, followed by Ke (often following the TRKT phrase)

Taka ("Taa Kuh") = two bols - Na/Ta followed by Ke on bayan

The differences are often implied by the context of the composition or phrase. If not sure, just ask for clarification.

Raj Puranik
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Building upon Raj's post, here are some Rela examples that are my favorites:

I am not writing them in matras just to make the reading easier.

Source for all the compositions below: Pdt. Arvind Mulgaonkar. "Atawanicha Doh" Appendix 1

1. Composer: Ustad Amir Hussain Khan Saheb, Style: Delhi, Jati: Chatusra, Taal: Teen
Tirakittak Tirakittaktaktak Tirakittak dhinegine taktaktak
All the Tak's here are actually TaKe or Na/Ta + Ke.

2. Compser: Ustd. Fakir Baksh a.k.a Papa Miya (son on Ustd Amir Hussain Khan Saheb), Style: Delhi, Jati: Chatusra, Taal: Teen
Dha(s) Tirakittak TakTak Dhinegine Dha(s) Thirakit Dhine Nana Gene Tinekene + Khali
All Tak's are center shai and Ke. The special thing about this rela is that it is also called 2 finger taktak. In the phrase Dha(s) Tirakittak Taktak - the first tak is index on shai + ke, second tak is middle on shai + ke, last tak is index on shai + Ke.

3. Composer: Ustad Amir Hussain Khan Saheb, Style: Delhi, Jati: Chatusra, Taal: Teen
(Dhinegine TakTak Dhinegine Nagtak Dhinegine TakTak Tinekine Nagtak) X 4
The 2 successive Taktak are index on shai +ke and Middle on shai + ke. The tak in the Nagtak is full cupped hand on the shai to produce sound like "puck".

4. Composer: Ustad Amir Hussain Khan Saheb. Style: Purab, Jati: MIsra, Ang: Deepchandi, Taals: Teen, Rupak, Adachautal
DhaTirakittakTirakit Dha(s)DhirDhirkittak DhaTirakitakTirakit DhatirakittakTinTirakittak
TaTirakittakTirakit Dha(s)DhirDhirkittak DhaTirakitakTirakit DhatirakittakdhinTirakittak
In this rela play all the Tak's as Tag (index on shai and ge) and Tirakit as Tiragit to get the baya groove going.

All these rela's can be expanded as Kaida's so go to town with it. :-)
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