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I suspect it would be a serious challenge to find any hippie-era interviews on camera that hold up particularly well, particularly with respect to ethnocentrism (did the notion even exist then outside of academia?), but on just about any subject.

don't get me wrong: I have nothing whatsoever against hippies; it's just the 20-20 hindsight phenomenon. one of the more interesting takes on that era I've seen recently was from the book 'magic bus', in which a character says that the 50's were all about guys who'd fought in WWII coming home determined to shield their families and lives from the horror they'd witnessed (and participated in). that urge to protect loved ones - perfectly innocent - only made their offspring hungry for a less 'sanitized' reality.

so, you get fresh-faced lads like in this video, drawn to and curious about another culture, yet raised in a culture that wanted to just shut the door on the rest of the world. nobody was teaching the early baby boomers about the wonders of cultural diversity, so they had to discover it on their own - and they were, after all, just kids.

it seems like people are too prone to forget that there was a time not very long ago when ideas like 'feminism' and 'diversity' were new and the likelihood they'd take hold far from certain.

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Greg, thanks for the kudos.

Povster, I was not being particularly serious in my post, but you are correct.
The quote marks should not have been around ignorant and stupid.
The quotes make it exactly the opposite of what I was trying to use them for.
You certainly did not accuse them of being ignorant or stupid.
Guided by several glasses of merlot, I was broadening the subject out to a more general point. But the attempt backfired.
I was trying to get out the point that many times in the forum people are considered "ignorant" rather than being "without a specific knowledge".
Does not matter, kind of a picky point i guess.

Trippy, Yes it is certainly wrong of me to assume that someone might not know a very obscure non ICM genre.
I have to say I did try to go WAY out there for an example.
Perhaps I should have gone with Balanese Nose Flute.

Funny enough the Westerners who have interest in ICM are some of the MOST likely to have knowledge of all kinds of different musics.
I started studying renaissance Lute at age 13 and used to enjoy Renaissance music a great deal.
I had a weeklong interest in Peking Opera until it finally drilled some sense into me. (and a hole in my eardrum).
And there are a slew of other obscure genres that I dabbled in over the years.

Anyhoo, just disregard the previous ramble and join me in a glass of wine or beverage of your choosing.

Musicslug, Nice post...
trippy monkey

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Give these kids a break?!!?!?



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Thanks for the post. A wonderful document, anyway.
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