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jaan e kharabat

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hi all

in the vocal department one should not go past the Nazakat and Salamat Ali pair or Mohammad Hussain Sarahang who had some extraordinary ability with this particular raga and composed both ghazals and khiyals in it.

If there are just ''six tones'' in an octave [sic] then why have frets for tones that don't exist?
Kanti Dattani

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Hi All

I checked my collection of Bhopali and was surprised to find that the only Bhopali played on sitar I have is by Irshad. However I have three Bhopali recordings by Kishori as follows:-

PSLP 5130, Live at Nehru Centre Mumbai, CD released in 1989
Raga Bhoop, Prathama Sur Saadhe (29.41 minutes) and Jabse Tumeesana Laagalee
(5.07). Other raga on this CD - Bhinna Shadja, Ood Jaa Re Kaagaa and Anganaa More Aajaa (23.26)

PSLP5724, Live in Concert, recordings from The Music Festival For Rajiv
Gandhi Foundation, New Delhi, January 1992, CD released in 1993
Raga Bhoop, Prathama Sur Saadhe (21.34) and Jabse Tumeesana Laagalee
and Tarana (8.24). This CD also includes a Bhajan Jogiya Se Preet Kiya (13.35)

PSLP5816, Recreating a Dream, CD released in 1994
Raga Bhoop, Eree Aaj Bhailava Sukhva and Sahelare Aa Mil Gaye (21). Other ragas on this CD - Jaunpuri, Baje Jhananana and Chhum Chananana Bichhuva (18) and Pat Bihag, Dhan Dhan Mangal Gavo (10.56)

Since some one has mentioned Bhoop by other vocalists, I am listing all
others that I have. These are not necessarily recommended (some of them
I haven't played for years)

Ajoy Chakrabarty 54 minutes NRCD030
Asha Bhosle and Ali Akbar Khan 4 AMMP7216
Balamurali Krishna and Hariprasad Chaurasia 65 NRCD041
Dilshad Khan 5 B6748
Ghulam Mustafa Khan 9 D4HV2918
Girija Devi 13 C4HV0065
Gundecha Brothers 30 CDNF150160
Kishori and Hariprasad Chaurasia 72 CDNF150183
Laxmi Shankar 52 ACCD1052 & 7 B6745
Munawar Ali Khan 12 ACCD1003
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan 10 NRCD017
Padma Talwalkar 17 A94026
Prabhakar Karekar 52 A97017
Salamat Ali Khan and Sons 24 WLA18

For further details of these CDs, please write.

Those who are also interested in instrumental Bhoop, I have the

Amjad Ali Khan and Lalgudi Jayaraman 28 PSLP1491
Bapat & Narayan Mani 7 D4HI2310
Bismillah Khan 17 PSLP5273
Datar DK 20 MCD137
Deepak Ram 37 BHA108
Gaurav Majumdar 7 GZ00012
Gianni Ricchizzi (Italian) 19 NI5431
Gopal Krishnan and Sultan Khan 67 NRCD065
Hariprasad Chaurasia 12 PSLP1490 - 31 A91008 - 30 DXL 230153 - 71
Hariprasad and Shivkumar Sharma 70 NRCD067
Irshad Khan 23 NAXOS 76001-2
Kadri Gopalnath and Wadwati 24 C5CI5036
Nancy Leash 26 IAM1033
Nikhil Banerjee 29 SN70702
Rakesh Chaurasia 74 SR087
Ronu Majumdar and Tarun Bhattacharya 30 D4HI270
Sachdev SC 21 LYR7405
Shivkumar Sharma 74 NRCD012 and 64 BMG50691
Shivkumar Hariprasad and Kabra 7 PSLP5002
Sultan Khan 54 MRCD1006
Ulhas Bapat 30 DXL230153

BTW I am not in music business.

Kanti Dattani

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Hi Kanti Dattani,

I have two questions for you,

1) you say that you have only one Bhupali sitar recording (Irshad Khan), yet in your list I also see a Nikhil Banerjee Cd, is that bhupali or what?
if so, I am very interested in that recording.

2) why do you write all the things that you have each time someone is talking about a specific raga ?? (also on the google forum)...not that I mind, but I am just curious.
Kanti Dattani

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Hi Barend,

Thank you for pointing out Nikhil Ji's Bhupali recording. This in fact is Bhoop Kalyan 28.13 minutes. It is on Chhanda Dhara CD SNCD70702 Live Concert Vol. 5 Live recording at San Francisco on 18.9.1976. The CD also includes Raga Sindhura 29 minutes. Tabla is by Zakir.

Answer to your second question is, demand from several enthusiasts, followed by many encouraging feedback that I receive including further discussions that follow.

Nice to hear from you, who has raised several interesting subjects.


Kanti Dattani

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Thanks Kanti Dattani.

That's clear.

As long as we are talking on raga's...which Chandrakauns recordings do you have?? both instrumental and vocal....
Kanti Dattani

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Hi Barend,

As requested I have listed all the Chandrakauns I have.

As you now well know, not all these are recommended. I have just accumulated these CDs over the years, and some of them I rarely play! For further information, e.g Other ragas on each CD, our opinion, etc. please get in touch. I am not in music business. I buy CDs from local music stores in Leicester, England and other towns in UK and from all over the world. CDs are cheaper in India and USA.

Amjad Ali Khan 29 minutes SICCD021
Bhatt VM 13 D4HI0588
Datar DK 20 D4HI0074
Hariprasad Chaurasia 23 SNCD3385 - 25 PSLP5243 - 40 BMG50666 - 43 D4HI1608 - 94 (yes 94 minutes!) AM107/AM108 - 12 PSLP1490
Indrakishore Mishra 63 IAM1079 Dhrupad vocal
Kiran Pal 55 DSAV1020 santoor
Munir Khan and Imrat Husein Khan 15 WBCD002 vocal
Nikhil Banerjee 21 RAGA201 - 29 D3HI0631
Prabha Atre 13 TCCD5117
Prabhakar Karekar 31 IAM1015
Rahul Sharma 70 SWM052
Rakesh Chaurasia 21 DXL230157
Sachdev GS 10 ACCD1029
Shafqat Ali 10 D4HV0543 Salamat & sons CD vocal
Shamim Ahmad 22 NRCD093
Sarad Kumar 20 MCD183 shehnai
Shaukat Hussain Khan 53 SWM042 vocal
Shiv Kumar Sharma 59 MCD557
Shiv Kumar Sharma and Rahul 71 VIR545509 - 70 SNCD71201
Shivanand Patil 15 CDNF150146 vocal
Steve Gorn 22 INTER 809112 - 10 LAT50610
Sultan Khan 51 KICC5173
Wasifuddin Dagar 44 SWM050


Kanti Dattani

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I have heard a Ravi Shankar Bhoopali Alaap at St Xavier's Mumbai in 1985. Other than the interesting use of the kharaj,it was standard. It ran for not more than 25 minutes. I shall see if i can get it again and upload it soon.
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