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Anybody know of any recordings of this rag. I found a transcription of it with a small gat and it is really beautiful. I've heard it's called rag Agni sometimes? Any help? I've been playing it and when rendered properly, the person is supposed to light on fire...well I'm still here so i guess I'm doing it wrong
Sadaqat chup nahi sakti banawat ke usolon
se, Ki khushbu a nahi sakti kabhi kaghez ke phoolon se
jaan e kharabat

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Hello Adunc

There are a few varieties of raga Deepak out there. There is one of the Khammaj thaat and then there is one of the Purvi thaat.

I have a recording of Shujaat Khan playing the Purvi thaat Deepak. It sounds alot like Shree but with two madhyams. There is also some Bhairau sounding phrases like G M P r S. Pretty nice all the same.

P.S. BTW, this recording did NOT light any candles at my place. But i guess there was only ever the one Tansen.

If there are just ''six tones'' in an octave [sic] then why have frets for tones that don't exist?
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