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Just building two of the new model (Ultra II) Surbahar and have given some thought to stringing possibilities. As a lover of the fuller GP drone sound I have never been too thrilled with the plink-plink of chikari-only drone. It may be OK, or even fine, if there is a very full and resonant tanpura but I still prefer a fuller sound from the drone on the instrument itself whether sitar or surb.

Basically on the surb, one tends to brush the deep kharaj when hitting the chikari drones and I plan to put a string between the chikaris and the deep kharaj, tuned either to PA, or to the SA drone (the SA next to the bajtar). This string will sit on the targahan (nut) and so can be tuned either to PA (higher than G SA) or to the G SA. The wider fretboard of the surb allows the addition of a string without impinging meend very much on the baj and of course meend is not limited at all on the other strings. For those who choose standard stringing the extra string can just be removed and the others (if desired) repositioned. The surb as a musical instrument is entirely underated and underexposed. Carbon fiber seems to be ideally suited to this tonal range, getting excited about playing the new surbs.

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