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Hello guys,
I have been trying g to buy a traditional qawali dhamma for quite some time now. Could you please share where you ordered your tabla from?
I’m a traditional tabla player but it is hard to find good makers in Canada and if you have contacts with Dildar Hussains tabla maker then that is perfect.

Thanks guys!

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I ordered the dhamma and dayan plus replacement skins from Haji Nasir Mehmood's Awami Rhythm store almost a decade ago. Coincidentally, I was just about to order some new pudis in the coming weeks after a very long, painfully forced break of any kind of ryaz.

Immeasurable thanks to Saqib for relating this contact way back when, as playing Qawwali tabla had the most positive impact on my life in so many facets, not even just spiritually and emotionally.
He wrote up a great list of profiles of Pakistani tabla makers in 2012 which includes contact data for Haji Nasir Mehmood: If it's outdated, you could PM me because like I said I will be trying to reach out to him myself.

I can wholeheartedly recommend his handiwork. With the dhamma, you have the option of ordering a skin with masala (rubber paste) applied underneath (yielding a sound very similar to a quality dholak which of course is also often employed in Qawwali) or without that masala, the latter giving you the possibilities to apply either traditional ata wala (flour paste) on top of the skin or experiment with your own masalas beneath the pudi.

One thing you might also want to consider is specifying a diameter when ordering a dhamma. As a newcomer to tabla who didn't think of this, I was sent a standard size of 8 ¼ inches (skin diameter), which is a few nuances too small for my hands (me being 1,90m tall), but still very much playable.

I replaced the weathered leather straps with nylon rope and rings -- due to the extensive wrist sliding, they previously had to be adjusted so often while playing.

The standard dayan that came along has a tone range from around D sharp to F, being of very good build just as well.

Many kind regards -
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