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Tomek Regulski

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Actually, from what I gather, there are several makers producing nice rudra veenas, with simple design themes bringing them down to an affordable price. Dhrupad has been rising in popularity, and efforts are being made to make this instrument more accessible. I believe there are some folks around this forum that have some insight to this. It is most certainly a sound unto itself. 

Hope it works out with Jeff. I will actually be contacting him myself soon, as I hope to take some lessons with once my surbahar arrives from Rain City Music. I'll be receiving one from the Mohan Lal Sharma shop. I've been playing one of their sitars for a bit over a year and it's the best that I've ever owned. Been waiting over a year for this instrument!
Maqsood Attar

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Hello Sir,

We are also the specialist of finest quality of all types/models of Rudraveena like Traditional simple design rudraveena, decorated rudraveena, Bamboo dandy veena and Dagar style Rudraveena. Please visit my facebook page to see some pictures of such veenas on following link :-

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