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Djinn Fizz

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This is a direct quote from Jawaharlal Nehru's prison journal written in reflection of a brief period of time when he'd been taking advantage of the opportunity to go to "talkies", live theater and music concerts before the British sent him back for still another long prison term in about 1932.

"the middle classes:they seem to have lost their roots and and have no aesthetic tradition to cling to. They glory in cheap and horrid prints made in bulk in Germany and Austria, and sometimes even rise to Ravi Varma's pictures. The harmonium is their favorite instrument. (I live in hope that one of the earliest acts of the Swaraj government will be to ban this awful instrument)"

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I've often said that they could lash them all together and make a giant raft out of each and every one, as far as I am concerned. :roll:

My opinion is merely generated because of people who think they can play one, along with their off-key moaning at my Temple. Nothing that a little lighter fluid and a match can't cure... Thank goodness they haven't discoverd the shenni here, ........ yet.

Let's hope 2016 is less violent and that people discover the soothing influence of ICM. Hari OM!
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