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Pandit Nayan Ghosh on sitar with Mallar Ghosh on tabla. Rag Jhinjoti. Concert at the University of Colorado at Boulder, october 24, 1999.

This is one of the concerts they gave (also with Buddhadhev das Gupta) during their week-long stay in Boulder Colorado, during which I had my few lessons with Mallar Ghosh.

(As far as I know this concert has never been uploaded to utube before).

and on this clip Nayan Ghosh sings a folk song nicely accompanied by Mallar Ghosh with a light 8 beat thekas, I believe it's something like this but please correct me if I am wrong:

Dhin - | dha dhin | - dhin | na ge |
Dhin - | dha tin | - tin | na ke

p.s. as far as I can tell this may be the only full performance with Mallar Ghosh on tabla. He has toured frequently in Europe but I can't find anything on utube.

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I am currently listening to the first video clip - and it's amazing !
Nayan Ghosh on the sitar is fantastic - I haven't listed to sitar/raagas like this for a long time -

Very relaxing and soothing music - and ofcourse Mallar Ghosh's accompaniment is excellent and very fitting -

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