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Most of you know that, expressing Tabla composition in English language is bit difficult and I face same problem for my Software

So while thinking I come up with a solution which could help to solve this problem to some extend.

Here is the proposed solution.

1. Write every syllable separately
For example Tirkit = TiRaKiTa.

2. Start syllable with upper letter for open sound
Example : Dha, Na(DhinNaGeNa), Dhin, Tin, Ta, Din etc

3. Start syllable with lower letter for closed sounds
Example : ti, ra, re (dheredhere), na (DhinaGina : na will be on Shayee) etc

4. If baya (Left) has open sound and Daya(Right) has close sound or vice versa then consider Daya's sound

If Daya has closed sound and baya has open sound then start syllable with lower case
Example : dhet = Ge + Tit

If Daya has open sound and baya has closed sound then start syllable with upper case
Example : Ta + ka = Ta

5. Exception for Ta
Ta = Open Ta
Dhatita = tito *Ta of Dhatita will be 'to'
kitataka = kitotaka

Composition example
Dha tira kito taka dhere dhere kito taka
Dha tira kito taka Tin Na kito taka

Let me know if there is scope for improvement keeping such rules to minimum
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