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Hi all,

I'm curious if any of you would be willing to share what you use as your practice routine on sitar. I think that HOW you practice and WHAT you practice are a key to getting this type of music. I guess I'm looking for some fresh ideas as well as I can get stuck in certain routines. Maybe it will help us all in the community, thanks.


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Hi Randy~

Well, this is kind of different from the other questions....

I've started playing again, now for 7 months, so far so I'm still getting used to stuff. I start off with scales, trying to get faster and faster just so I can "jump the frets" without having to look at every one of them.

I've spent the first 6-7 months playing and learning Raag Yaman and now I'm working on some temple stuff like 'Om jaya jaga deesha hare'.

Because I'm so much in demand for my time ( ) I have no set time to practice, although I should. But I love my sitars so much, even if I have to force myself to sit down and practice, it's a joy to do so, once I hear the buzz of the stings.

I go over each and everything my teacher has told me. I went out and got a special binder-book, where I've written down everything that I get my hands on, besides instruction. My life is now divided into two basic parts, spirituality and ICM. If I'm not practicing both, I'm doing it in my head. I love to read, so I'm amassing as much reading material as I can, before I die.

This does not mean I restrict myself to the lessons. During Christmas I worked out several old standards, Happy Birthday, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Auld Lang Sine, some Beatles stuff, just to play and discover. But I do come back to the lessons and work very hard and long, as time permits.

I have a guitar student, as well, so I try to break things up as well, by having him play little things that he will need down the road like standard blues riffs, just so he doesn't get too bored with "Little Brown Jug".

Hope this helps...

Let's hope 2016 is less violent and that people discover the soothing influence of ICM. Hari OM!

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Hello Randy,

It is difficult to make recommendations on practicing, since your level of expertise is unclear. The way a beginner (who has just picked up an instrument) practices is different than a "professional". And if you are in between, then things get more complicated. It also depends on if you are practicing technique or exploring a raag/musical structure, although mastery of technique (control of generating sound properly/being in tune/speed) supports any raag exploration.

The other factor to consider is your practice/learning style. Do you like perfecting/strengthening one aspect at a time...or get bored and like exploring several things in conjunction? So my practice routine/approach may not be the best for you.

If you are looking for ideas/variations, please provide a little more information and perhaps people can make productive suggestions.


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I've heard of some people setting timers/alarms and practising certain elements for a given time and then moving on to the next thing. I tend to do something along these lines but less regimented (without a timer) as I will often be practising one thing such as meend and then find a little melody that I like and get distracted and just noodle around for a while, but even this is practice in some ways.

As strange as it sounds, I sometimes find it quite productive to have a break from playing. Somehow, when I come back, I seem better at some of the things I was struggling with before.

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I wake up at 5AM.
Practice from 5:30 to 7:30, or when ever I finish my jug of tea... LOL!
I warm up with alankars starting with 3 note groups and then to 5...
Then scales up and down.....
Then bols...
I have no set time for how long I do this stuff, but it is usually a bit more than an hour, though I have done two hours of nothing but....
For the time, I feel that I need to work on technique; the fun stuff will follow
I finish up with working on a raga(Yaman is a good one...)

In the afternoon from about 4PM to 6:30 I practice again.(Jug of tea of course...LOL!)
Technique first, but than I will "play" with Raga Bhimpalisi (giving a serious nod at time theory for this one.....)

When I feel I have "hit a wall", I'll pick up a guitar and wig out.... LOL!

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