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Hello everyone, lurker on this forum for quite some time now and have been learning tabla for over two years under my guruji. Since I have moved into a new apartment with my friends, it has been exceedingly difficult in finding a place to practice my tabla. As a result, I have been playing in the back of my car in a parking lot late at night (about 80 minute sessions). I am wondering whether you guys think this will hinder my playing or hand positioning in the long run.

I have been calling various gyms, facilities, etc., but have not come across any place that will let me play due to liability if something goes wrong. I really enjoy playing and definitely do not want to give up playing this instrument. I wanted to know any suggestions you all have in regards to playing in the back of car or anywhere else.

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That's some dedication right there. Hat's off to you!

I would try your public library or community center and see if they have conference rooms you can book. Also, the local community colleges are a good bet for the same. Otherwise, what about just playing in your apartment with a towel over the Tablas? That is the old school method and really works!

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There is also the possibility of outside - say a public park or a school park. You may get the occasional curious look but who cares ? It's got to beat playing in the car - I would think that would be extremely uncomfortable. I love to take my Tabla out in the backyard on lazy summer afternoons - so far, the neighbors have not complained. If they do, I just have to get louder, I guess :-)
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huh...i dont get it....

1) if your room mates are not somehow allowing you to live your life, time to find new ones
2) if its a noise issue, put a towel over your tabla and practice
3) i cant imagine its a space issue, unless you are telling me that there is absolutely no 2x2 place to sit in your apartment. also time to find a new place....
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