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Contgratulations, this instrument is superb. Good Job!!!

Joanna Mack

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When I was about five years old, my father took me to a Japanese Orchid Show. I will never forgot the depth of awe that I experienced. It was the first time I can remember really exploring the detail of a flower and sincerely appreciating the grace with which it was portrayed. I suddenly comprehended what is Beauty. It seems that as sensitive beings, our greatest achievement could be only to bring out and accentuate the inherent Beauty in nature. Tony, while looking at your centerfolds, I am struck with that same sense of awe and inspiration. The form, detail, integrity of your work seem to have an elegance inexpressible in words. I am hoping that someday in my life, one of your instruments will come into my hands! Thank you so much for sharing, and please, let us know if there is anything you need there in order to continue your work.

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"Thank you so much for sharing, and please, let us know if there is anything you need there in order to continue your work.

LOL I feel like a Troll chasing Joannas posts..

Tony won't say it but I will. What would be a great help would be for folks who admire Tonys work to consider purchasing an instrument from him. Its not instant gratification, you will have to wait a few months in most cases. What you will get is an instrument that you were able to add your own design elements to, that is built to exacting standards and that ranks among the best available nowdays.

So if your considering a high end instrument Tonys a viable choice. The myth of shipping hassles is simply not an issue to the end user, it does cause T grief and cash but he handles it on his side. So besides keeping a local shop in Miraj busy it would be nice if T could actually break even or turn a profit on his passion. I do not hesitate to say that someday Tony will be building exclusivly for high end customers and be booked well in advance making this opportunity a thing of the past. Partisan??? You bet, with reason?? You bet. A plug? Yes in the same way a satisfied customer of RR, HR or any other builder would make in praise of a truly outstanding instrument.

"Words are said to have a delusive nature (Mahamaya Matrika) because the word itself, although it may contain a reference to an object is often surrounded by clusters or Kulas of lesser Shaktis...."
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