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If I recall correctly, didn't Nikhil Banerjee use 13s for a Ma string, and maybe also tune to D sometimes (two of my recordings seem to indicate somewhere close to D Sa), and then add to that the extra scale length compared to a GP sitar, plus the instrument that he added an extra Ga chikari (the mysterious 8string), that was a lot of string tension on that instrument!
Originally Posted by "yussef
Sometimes I wonder: if Enayat Khan was alive, would VK be allowed to experiment so wildly (... & come up w/ so many beautiful innovations)?
Interesting question. I gather he had to somewhat "prove" himself to his father's family (was he ostracized somewhat?), if I recall the story correctly, and I wonder if he had lacked that drive to prove himself, would he have become the master that he did, particularly so young? Ah, the fun of hypotheticals...
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Hi, all.
Just to clear, I wasn't hypothesising: The OTHER XXc-sitar star also came up w/ innovations (on this, check: Ayet Ali Khan, Nodu Mullick, Kanailal, and especially the man who built the sitar RS used at his first big gig, Allahabad '39 conference [jugalbandi w AAK]: he was from Lucknow, tied to Lucknow-Shahjahanpur Gh.: Ustad Yusuf Ali Khan.

And then, look at the man diametrally opposed, the uber-trad Mushtaq Ali Khan (1911-89), who's been credited as being the foremost player from '38 (Enayet K' passing) until the mid 50s (RS/VK arrival & 'contending for the title'): he's also credited w/ introducing RS to Kkt-music circles (Being khandani, I believe VK didn't need such introduction).
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