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I understand. I donated money as well, sight unseen. I did check and Josh's MySpace is no longer up ... so who knows. Perhaps something serious is going on.

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Hi Everyone-
Sorry for the absence. I certainly hope no one feels scammed because of it. Most everyone on the forum knows how to contact me otherwise, so if you have any questions please feel free.

The money collected was somewhat short of the goal, but it was enough to engage a lawyer and take care of Jimmy-Da's massive legal problems. At this point Jimmy-Da has lost his house (There was just nothing we could do), but he is still able to live in it till the end of the year. Jaque Achensen has taken over Jimmy-Da donation fund to handle expenses and I'm the strong back who packs Jimmy-Da up and gets him about and eventually to his new place. Jimmy is slowly recovering, but is still not well.

Bottom line is Jimmy-Da's legal expenses were covered (Lawyers in MArin County, CA. aren't cheap!), and that was the most important part to helping Jimmy-Da, of which you all helped. We are very appreciative to everyone. The drawing for the Hemen will commence once the goal has been reached. David Courtney will handle choosing the winner. I'll keep you all updated, and again, you can email me should you have any questions. Thank you to all-Josh

Just a listener now....Was fun while i played though!
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HOORAY I knew there would be perfectly good explanation.
I NEVER felt scammed although some others may have. Certainly good to hear some news however good or bad.
It just came very late though.

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