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I'm curious if anyone is still using the older version of swarshala (the newest being 3.0)

This is software to compose rags with sitar/sarod and tals with tabla/pakhawaj. I've had swarshala 2.0 for years and until recently it was collecting dust in my PC, but I've recently been playing around with it and I am finding a rather useful toy after all! If nothing else it can be used as a more interesting metronome that the standard metronome. But I can also get a sense of what a composition (either a raga or a tal) should sound like.

If you are still using (or have used) swarshala 2.0 I'd love to hear a bit about your experience with it.

Although I am also curious about any users of swarshala 3.0!

Pascal Bercker

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