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I've also heard the preference for hide glue over the Elmers. Not having two instruments side by side with a glue type - one of each, I couldn't say wether one sounds better than the other. I would tend to agree that the harder dried property of hide, or even fish glue, would indeed transmit sound a bit better. Anybody put this to an 'O' scope test? For the do it yourselfers that don't have access to hide glue and are not into all the necessary steps to prepare the glue, Elmers will do the job. It cleans up very well, too.
I called the Miraj homies to get their input on this glue topic. They use hide glue as well as the Fevicol stuff. I've seen the production as well. With the glue in a little metal cup, it is set over a twig fire out in the street. Cooked to a liquid state takes about 8 - 10 min. Dipped with a stick, it is applied where needed. In general, quite a messy affair. Cost comparisons are not an issue. They say there is no difference in sound. They use the hide glue on the student issue crap or when the Fevicol bottle is empty. Shops being closed from 1 - 4 pm, the cup is fired up to keep the instrument production going.
So what's the general mood on the forum regarding glue preference??? On custom orders, I can offer a choice of glue as well as all the other elements? I love it ! ! ! ! !

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As the cracks weren't too bad I used super glue with the old 'tape over' jobbie too. It worked &, after I sand it nicely & respray for evenness, you'll not notice the difference. It's on the back so it's never to be seen anyway. It sounds fine now, as far as I can remember from my playing & videos.

Can anyone explain why there's a crack at the back join?


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I prefer Hide glue for the ease with which the joins can be seperated with a hot knife, and like T said some folks including me think that Hide glues have superior acoustic properties, possibly thats because when using hide glue any stresses need to be minimized for the join to be solid while the phenolic resins will with enough clamps hold just about anything.
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