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I just wanted to give a big fat plug to Scott Hackleman, a really really great Sitar fixin, Jawari carving, and general sitar knowledge base monster.
He has a new site for his business inside of Lar's new sitar website ( or
Scotts section is
(Lars, the new site looks great. Nice to see it up and running. Good luck in your new endeavor!!!)
Scott learned from watching Nodu Mallick work, and from a year spend at Kartar Chand's shop in India.
You can read his really interesting article about his time in Kartar Chand's Shop:

I wanted to let you know that for those in the USA needing a Jawari or a more in depth fix job on their sitar he is one of the top guys you could hope to find.
His Jawari work in Freakin fantastic, and his little tanpuras are to die for.
He builds these tanpuras in his shop and they are really really sweet.

I needed a Jawari sooooooo bad on my Hiren Roy, and one Saturday when i showed up to my sitar lesson Scott was there working on my teacher's sitars.
He was very kind and agreed to work on my Jawari while I took my lesson.
A while later he came back in and handed me my sitar. It had the most fantastic and smooth Pandit Ravi Shankar style Jawari. Soooo smooth and buzzy. I totally loved it, BUT I felt it should be a slightly more Nikhil Banerjee sound. My teacher thought I was crazy to change such a beautiful sounding jawari, but I am an NB freak. So Scott and I went to his bench and talked about how to dial back the buzz and fine tune it. He let me watch as he scraped and carved and fiddled. It was great to see him work and listen to him talk about all the things I wanted to know about my sitar and Jawari etc. Some Jawari experts wont let you see what they are doing, but Scott was very open and interesting. And such a nice, down to earth dude. Great guy.
Anyhoo, when he was finished my sitar had never sounded so good and the Jawari was very very NB. It was PERFECT.

I am telling you this guy ROCKS.
Just thought I would give him a plug as he was so kind to me and I really appreciated his care and skill.

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its great to see lars's new site up!
my sitar is a star! 8)

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Well, hey's still a long way from being finished but a few more weeks and everything will be up so if you get a blank page on a category, that's why.
Yeah, Scott is really something. He's only a few hours away now so it's a real blessing for us. But definitely one of the best, I can't wait to see his sitars after checking out his tanpuras.


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Could not agree more ! ! ! Great that you've got one of the "few" helping you out there. I'd been in touch with Scott in years past while he was still in Pasadena. We even did a KL Rudra Veena dance and traded some tech talk. Great guy who reeeely knows his stuff and readily shares the knowledge. Well done and much success in your latest undertaking :!: Cheers :!: :!: :!:
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