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Hey y'all-
I've almost got the 2nd batch of archives ready. Someone put a notification on the Google ICM forum last time and I was absolutely flooded with requests making a little effort for friends turn into something crazy.

That being said, I'm only going to take 15 requests this time for this next batch..........Which BTW is anything short of incredible!! Not to mention a couple of incredible jugalbandis!!!!

I would like for anyone who paid and did not recieve their copy please email me and let me know. Once I'm satisfied that the first batch is all out, then I will go ahead and send out the next batch. My email is-

Also......I'm selling 2 of the master reel to reel recordings on ebay to help fund this project (THese archives are being saved as aiff files and I have to buy a new 250GB Hard Drive to store these). If you are interested, take a look-Any help on this is appreciated!!

Just a listener now....Was fun while i played though!
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