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I recently stumbled upon a new tabla site/forum - , it only began recently and it seems like its going to turn into something great! I've been to the forums at and this forum itself but, there somewhat hard to navigate and search especially, this site is extremely easy to use, search and post, it uses the same phpBB as this forum but the new updated phpbb3.

I have no information or background knowledge of the admin and or his relation to tabla and status, but ever since he opened the site more kaidas, relas, taals what ever is getting added quite rapidly theres at least something new each day under tabla notation.

Well what im guessing its going to eventually turn into a massive database well forum full of information. It seems like a good and easy way to find information and to contribute/give information about tabla knowledge.

Well I'd recommend joining their forums or atleast checking it out, keeping in mind its still relatively new. ,
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