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Originally Posted by "Jay
Originally Posted by "daz199"
the dvd is good..few things bothered me tho
how he jus stopped in the jhalla of puriya kalyan to talk to the tabla player ( he does this many times..)
and everything is played pretty slow...the recording of shahana is excellent, but here he really stretches it out, really takes away from the excitement
What do you mean everything is played pretty slow? In the context of Indian Classical music, Ustadji moves pretty quickly from alap-jor-jhalla-gat.

I love the DVD, It is great having a video of him playing Pilu! I really enjoyed his interview as well....nice touch.
compared to his cd's these performances seemed pretty relaxed..the speed was there in some parts but overall the energy level wasn't maintained

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Hi, The way Ustadji plays his jhalla is like this. r=chikari, d=1st string

r d d d

Always for fast jhalla. Of course there are variants of what he plays. but trust me. the hand motion is down up up up 8)

Sadaqat chup nahi sakti banawat ke usolon
se, Ki khushbu a nahi sakti kabhi kaghez ke phoolon se

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Here's an update on my quest for converting the PAL DVD to NTSC- I tried everything- a decrypter program, DVD Shrink, Nero- everything. Still only plays on my computer- not on the DVD players I have tried. Not terrible since I have a big LCD monitor on the PC, but frustrating I can't play it on regular players. I have read some posts on technical forums and there are a few very involved and complex methods of converting, there is also an outboard hardware converter. You guys in Canada or Europe have no problem apparently. If someone has a quick answer, I'm all ears, otherwise I'll enjoy it on the computer. It's great to have more SP- one can't complain.
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