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From India Instruments Gbr latest newsletter (I hope they don't mind me copying it here)...

6. Documentary on Nada Yoga
- Media Tip of Yogendra, -

Nada Yoga, working with sound, is still one of the lesser known paths to the self in Yoga. Dutch television showed a half-hour documentary on the subject in November, titled "Nada Yoga - het geluid van het secret" (Nada Yoga - The secret of sound). It is freely available on the web and focuses on the testimonies of two contrasting protagonists.

The sitarist Acharya Jaimini Trigunateet embodies the Indian tradition. He comes from a family in which knowledge on Nada Yoga was passed on for generations and emphasizes the mythological and mystical aspects deeply rooted in Hindusm.

The German musician and sound therapist Thomas Meisenheimer on the other hand stands for a Western approach. He tries to resolve the healing power of sound from their embedding in traditional belief systems and thereby make it accessible to everyone. Thomas Meisenheimer trained with Indian musicians and works with yoga masters. In addition to Indian elements (like sung ragas, Tanpura, Rudra-vina or sitar) he uses other means and sources as well, e.g. Western sound massage tables. Meisenheimer's approach is based on experience, intuition and a spiritual perspective of man. Ttherapeutic sessions in a school for disabled children and in his own private practice are presented as examples of his work.

"Nada Yoga - het geluid van het secret" leaves the spoken-words in their original of English and Hindi languages and provides them with Dutch subtitles. The film is available at - the Silverlight player is required for watching, which can be downloaded free of charge on the site. More detailed info in German about Thomas Meisenheimer's sound temple at

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Yeah... funny..I just bumped into this Documentary last week, when googling for Nada yoga. To be honest I'm not really eehh convinced. I like seeing another beenkar play his instrument and also like the fact he dedicates his life to this music.
Also bear in mind that, despite the fact it was broadcasted through a Hindu-oriented tv-station, I always get the feeling they try to cater the New Agey kinda people. So their documentaries usually become a tad hippy-dippy.

But again: I like to see Thomas play... and it's cool to see the veena being used in a therapeutic way....
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