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Hey ya'll-
Other than my awesome Geetanjali, I have a custom Hiren Roy that is also one of my prized jewels. I have played solidly on it for 2 years and it is just a perfect example of a classic Hiren Roy. How ever, just recently, my 7th chikari string began to not chime as it should. it turned into a very weak, muffled-ish type of sound. I decided that I should put a new post in to see if that would cure the problem after really doing some filing to no avail. New post didn't help, and I decided to jsut go ahead and rebridge the HR and see what happens. I have to commend Kalyan for cutting a nice piece of bone...Man, the bridge looked great, and right off the bat it sounded good without any adjustment. Problem though, still a weak sound from that # 7. My Geetanjali's is loud, crisp, and sparkles with a great sound...Thats what I'm shooting for...What gives? HEY TONY-DA!!!!!!!!!

Just a listener now....Was fun while i played though!

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Uh, huh! If the bridge is looking good, go back to that post. Mr. Post needs to be a totally solid wedge fit - absolutely NO wobble at all. Relying on string tension to hold it in place is no good. Also, be sure the height of the post is such that the string is the same height as the other top strings when looking across. Next up - the slot on that post has to be a little lower on the peg side. This seats the string solidly on the bridge side. An Xacto saw is needed for this. Too wide a slot and the string will skid around when played. New string is a good idea as well. With all that in place and still no sound, I'd look at the bridge next. Loosen the string a bit and look on the bridge surface where the string sits. Should be a nice even shiney line there. Any breakup in that line means a low spot, leading edge excepted. Time to break out the chisel, file and coffee.

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you sure you dont just need a string change? sometimes thats the solution!

or maybe just some light sanding of the bridge/jawari? or a small twist of the post to get it in line with the string again? did your bridge get moved slightly?

I dont know and Im not an expert but, the same has happened to me a few times and the above solutions worked for me.

I would say (if you havent done this already,,, put on a new string and see what happens)

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