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Originally Posted by "Bobu"
Anyone who believes that the arts, artists, or artisans are free from the vicissitudes and political manipulations of the market-place or that any art-form exists beyond each of our perceptions of our own economics and everyday life has is head buried in the sand.

To prohibit or suppress discussion of music or the arts in its political or economic context serves no useful purpose except to further solidify the perception of the artist as an economic victim in whatever strata of the culture the artist is subject to. Furthermore, to encourage the belief that any group should act as silent witnesses to the threat of their own livelihoods is humanely irresponsible.

I strongly urge the administrator and moderators of these FORUMS not only to allow discussion of Indian Music in its economic and political context, but also to encourage it. All the music theory in the world has never made an artist, but the individual's belief that he can do something to enhance his own and possibly someone else's perceptions has.

Excellent points, Bobu, and ones I certainly agree with. The General thread is ideal for such discussions and debates. One should always be free to express their ideas and engage in debate and discussion. And such discussions can be very enlightening to the individual who may be wondering, as a musician or a student, if they are alone in their perceptions.

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