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Some of the Mother of Pearl (Abalone) has started lifting off my sitar. I never really liked the colour (yes colour- I'm a Canadian citizen eh) so I was thinking of replacing it with something more shiny.

I have the following questions I was hoping someone could help me out with:

I was wondering what is a good place to buy a sheet large enough to redo the trim on a Munda (or VK)style sitar , what size should I buy and roughly how much would it cost?

I was looking at some guitar supply places online and it appears to be quite expensive. Would it be cheaper to source from India?

I see there are different thickness available , what is the appropriate thickness?

I was thinking of making the the piece that covers the neck and tabli a bit bigger so I would need to make the cutout for the inlay a bit larger- what tools are needed to do this?

While I am also doing this I would like to change the little birds inlay on the tabli (they are not very nice). Where could I get some new birds from?

Has anyone ever done this? If so how difficult is it to work with this stuff.

Thanks in advance
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