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trippy monkey

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Hi to all again.
I've just got back from India on friday evening to the UK. While I was in Varanasi I met a fellow forumite, Israeli Sharon, who told me about this nasty little trick that HIS airline was doing. It involves charging each person who has more than ONE PIECE OF BAGGAGE, EXTRA for item 2 upwards, whether or not you're within your weight limit.
I questioned it when I went to confirm my ticket at a Delhi travel agent who told me it's the sort of thing cheaper airlines do, Sharon was on Aeroflot, the Russian airline, notorious for bad experiences, so I didn't think too much about it.

When I got to Delhi International & booked in I was told this very thing. I asked why but got no good answer from the lady behind the desk even though I knew damned well it was a crappy little way of 'earning' the airlines more money!!!!! I mean, how many people travel ONLY with one item each?!!??!

Luckily for me, I had 2 of my vintage sitars with me as hold baggage, I'd booked my ticket in september 2010, just before this insidious little scheme came into play so I was exempt.
Next time I have to travel back to the UK with 2 items I'll have them both strapped together as one item. See what they say then!!!!

Just thought I'd let anyone planning a trip out of their respective countries to check on this as my OWN travel agents knew nothing of it when I asked them the day after I got back home.
I'll be letting you all know of my India adventures, including me being in a latest Bollywood movie as an extra, filming in Delhi's Lal Qila or Red Fort starring the famous star Saif Ali Khan, when I fully recover.


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Welcome back home O' Mystical Magical Monkey.

MORE great info as always...

Can't wait for the full report pics - offers - assides - & general good stuff as a wrap up to this years forray to the land of sitar Monkey heaven. Have followed this yeaars posts with great interrest & enthusiasm.

I know I don't just speak for myself but I believe we have all revelled in your exploits for years now & appreciate all you do not only cronicalling you time in India, but your pics - musical posts - and preservation efforts - and I KNOW the UK looks forward to the goodies you bring back.


I bow to the King Monkey - Sir Trippster - YOU DA MONKEY



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Originally Posted by "Hamletsghost"
Welcome back home O' Mystical Magical Monkey.
and I KNOW the UK looks forward to the goodies you bring back
You can say that again, again

There's something real nice waiting for me
trippy monkey

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Thanks for all the best wishes.
I'm well aware that many on this forum may not be able or may NEVER be able to visit India & I hope my exploits help to give those people a taste of India from an Indophile pov.

The 2 sitars with me on the plane came back alright &, ironically, after waiting so long for the ones sent from India, several arrived on the day I came back, friday. Unfortunately one has a cracked toomba but it's fixable. Luckily it wasn't one of the pricier ones. I say luckily as it was the most, if I must choose one to get damaged, expendable being a 'new' one & so easier to disguise the repaired bits than an oldie!!
I'm arranging the 4 in Delhi & 2 gorgeous oversize oldies in Varanasi to be sent soon so, when all are here I'll make a folder on my pics page for you all.

Stephen David

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I've read recently that some of the really cheapo airlines are charging for EVERY carry-on!

I gave up flying when I started hearing about how they turned the airports over to the TSA perverts. When they are allowed to grope little children, and can't catch a single terrorist then I think "enough is enough".

In any case, I look forward to your photos!

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