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I'm overhauling a lovely full carve teak Hiren Roy sitar right now. ( I love my job ) ! The client wants it all in D, medium jawari, priority being not so " Ravi Shankarish ", more open than the Vilayat Khan weld shut, kinda like that ever elusive Nikhil Banerjee sound but with just a touch more authority. It took a day and a half but I finally got it. ( Corian clogs the file in 2 - 3 strokes ). What a joy to play on ! Kharaj still seemed a little shy. Great attack, decay, sustain, release and those lovely harmonics all over the place but still didn't grab me. Guitar players go all over the strings when picking them. Pickups are placed at different areas which can be turned on to accent that particular zone of sound unique to that specific area. By setting the mizrab about 2" - 3" closer to the bridge and hitting the kharaj, I got growl that even got the cats attention ! This works. I recommend trying it out. " This is Joe Carcioni with your tip for the day " ! ! !
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