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I was wondering if anyone has a good idea for a setup for a loud live environment...sometimes for instance an open jam situation where you have to quickly setup and you are lucky to even have time for a soundcheck. Invariably I can't be turned up loud enough without feedback. Any good microphone recommendations or way to deal with this?
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Hi DhaDhaDha,

I created an isolator much like you see on professional drum kits but sized for Tabla because of this exact situation.  It's called the Tabladome, works like a charm, and you can find it here:



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I would start with an AKG C414 set to a cardioid polar pattern
close mic and adjust mic distance depending on the context
Later, assuming that dome is big enough
I would use 2 AKG C414s in a stereo X alignment with figure 8 polar patterns
placed inside the dome
since in that configuartion, they would pick sounds from behind them
The dome would serve to remove the signals from behind the mics
In this stereo case, I would not keep the mics as close to the source
stereo mic'ing gives you a soundstage which is relevant since you have 2 sound sources

Also, in terms of placement, I would place the mics directly above the tablas
in the case of the single close-mic case
In the stereo case, I would place them above and away from the player
to capture the near field projection from the player's perspective

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I actually don't know the exact answer to this but I hope my experience/experiment might help you.

I started getting regular gigs/concerts about 4 years ago and often on short notice. As sometimes I played on with 5 or 6 other musician generally including keyboard, vocal, violin, sarode, clarinet and guitar. I needed to amp up my tabla as often I couldn't hear myself if we were playing unplugged.
Our concerts/gigs occurs with usually 30-100 max capacity space. In a decent size hall or yoga studio.
As the space is not available for short period of time, we are usually lined up right after another session so we are required to have set up in about 15 mins. Barely enough times for us to place everything, tune and do the sound check. Most musician being professional have their own mics, PA and been lucky to hook onto their system but often does not give best results. So I was planning to buy gooseneck condenser microphone, i have seen some people on youtube using it. But I didn't have enough spare money to buy it.
During this time my friend bought Rode M5 twin condenser microphone. And I plugged into Yamaha portabla PA (i400) system. Sound is fantastic. I have used this microphones on many other PAs even cheap one whenre phantom power is available and I am very happy with results.
The best this about this Microphone is their size and performance. You can use these two to amp up the whole ensemble. And they cost under $200 mark. That is a great piece of mind when we are traveling with this gear and leaving around often in public places. 
Sometimes I have used just one of the mic whilst other one is being used by other musician and still works great. The only thing I have noticed is if the 'Gain' is too much and depending on the location of speakers sometimes if gives feedback. But once set up properly- we haven't had this problem. And still delivers fantastic result.


If we are offered really good gig then we don;t have to worry about this as, there is a technical team with their equipment and we just play. But when it is up to us, this is the best solution (within my budget) I have found for ourselves yet.

Just on a side note - Some of my close friend are very tech-savy musician and I was encouraged to by microphone with $1000 and other equipment but, I don't see much of an investment as really good gig, sound is provided and Ok gig doesn't pay that well to buy high end gear.

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