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yussef ali k

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Hi. W/out disrupting the thread, & just to offer a suggestion for the people who may want to avoid a different color fret-tying:

Those thinwire, plastic tubed mizrabs that nobody wants may do the trick (w/ the benefit of being REVERSIBLE in even less time than using a blade).
Just get two w/ BRIGHT color tubing and INSERT 'em on the tarb-khunti at those places:
OK, I admit most sitars don't have them precisely because of fret-movement, though as I am looking at 2 exceptions right now, there may be more out there.

Beyond what has been written so far here, having more than 20 frets on the sitar may also appeal to persons wanting more than the usual tarb# for added resonance.

P.S.: If not for some creative indian minds, we'd all be playing Ektantri vinas, huhh?
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