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Been experimenting with making sarangi bridges from Indian Rosewood and Cocobolo. Im inspired to try alternatives to bone after hearing wood bridges on Dhadi sarangis and noticing a volume increase and greater tone transfer compared to most bone bridges I've heard. I've also seen some beautiful wooden bridges made by fellow forum member naad_brahma.
I prefer working with Cocobolo since it's harder than the Rosewood yet lighter and more tonefull than bone.
Here's a pic showing some bridges in various stages of completion. The one on the top is already in Pakistan ready to be installed on a future sarangi project for sarangi player Zohaib Hassan. Looking forward to hearing it in action!
Making these bridges is a lot of work but I get great enjoyment taking my time and making the bridge exactly the way I want it to be. I believe that the bridge is one of the most important parts of a stringed instrument so it deserves a lot of attention in design and construction.

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