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I must have way too much time on my hands! I decided to "create" a little video to go along with one of my favorite tabla solos, namely Mahapurush Misra playing Rupak tal. As I may have mentioned before, there is very little actual film footage of Mahapurush Misra playing tabla. All I am aware of is a 28 second clip that I found way back in 1995 (and on my youtube channel) and about 60 seconds worth on a video with Nikhil Banerjee demonstrating the sitar. I've extracted those 60 seconds and added them with the 28 seconds and then played around a bit with my video editor to stretch out the video to about 10 minutes, the length of his tabla solo.

p.s. if you are aware of any additional footage of Mahapurush Misra, by all means please let me know.

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Pascal - excellent video and great video editing - !

a few thoughts
1) Misra has a soft gentle voice - and seems so happy and animated playing in that short clip you have of him
2) shame that such tabla greats of the past and so little video footage out there of them :?

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