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I saw Tejendra Majumdar and Yogesh Samsi this past weekend. TM is a sarode player and YS played tabla (he should be a household name ). The show was incredible. I am still in awe of these two. They worked so well together, one driving the other, while answering or anticipating. I have to say that I wasn't expecting this at all. TM was sooo lyrical in playing.

I think recently there has been some noise about lyrical being a largely Imdadkhani trait, but in this case TM, being a maihar guy, was easily as lyrical maybe more, who knows (who cares).

If these two are playing somewhere near you, I would highly recommend going to see them. Shows like that where the tabla and main instrumentalist are so well matched are rare.
(disclaimer: These are my observations and opinions. You can always send me mail to /dev/null, that mailbox never fills up)


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What did he play?
Kanti Dattani

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IMHO Tejendra ji is the best sarod players being recorded today. (just as Shahid Parvez ji is the best sitar player being recorded today). In addition TM is a fantastic person with many qualities. May he continue to be like that for many years to come or for ever!

I have 11 CDs by TM and those rated A+1+ are out this world both musically and for the sound quality. I have recommended very highly these CDs and all my friends have no regrets in buying them. Those rated A1 and A1+ are very close and are also liked very much by my friends.

CDs are cheaper to buy from USA and India. Do a google search for best price. I am in Leicester, UK, not the most competitive place for buying CDs. (some say it is bloody expensive!)

IAM1008* rec Kolkata 89 (A1)
IAM1025* with Shujaat rec NYC 95 (A1)
IAM1027* rec Kolkata 94 (A+1+)
IAM1043* with Shujaat Khan sitar rec NYC 97 (A1)
IAM1044* rec NYC 95 (A+1+)
IAM1066* rec NYC 95 (A+1+)
IAM1067* with Shujaat Khan rec NYC 02 (A1+)
P9905* rec Zurich 99 (B1)
SWM029* rec Virtual Studio, India - Light from the East (A+1+)
SWM066 with Mysore Manjunath, Chakra Bhava rec Virtual Studio, India 05 (A+1+)
SWM071 Andaaz rec Virtual India 05 (A1+)

If you need more information, please get in touch.

Best regards,


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I posted this sometime ago in "Buying and Selling' and I thought it was worth a re-post here for those that may have missed it. It's a beautiful set, beautiful raags, beautifully recorded and a rare glimse at the traditional rabab, precursor to the modern sarode. (At least check out the sample clips)

Only $19.98 for the CD/DVD set !! - and an excellent 30 page booklet of information about the Afghan music, the rubab, and it's history.


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Can someone please upload the recording of this concert?

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Originally Posted by "element-82"
I think recently there has been some noise about lyrical being a largely Imdadkhani trait, but in this case TM, being a maihar guy, was easily as lyrical, maybe more ...
When you say lyrical, what kind of playing do you mean?

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Hmm whats lyrical??? thats a rather abstract term! do you mean gaiki ang?? well then most of hindustani instumental music is lyrical. The concept is to follow the human voice. Well if you really want to hear "lyrical" sarod playing,theb K. Shridhar and Pradeep Barot is good as it gets these days.
Tejendra does have a sweet hand no doubt though.

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Can you please upload the recording of this concert?
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