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Namaste. My deep bow to all devotees of music. I would like to clear one very important topic. As you know there Is a lot of comfort in major spiritual Ashrams in India. For example price and location usually breathtaking!!! Price is usually from 100 to 200 rupees per day, which include food and accommodation. Its all fine if you want meditate or do karma(seva) yoga. Some ashrams like "Amritapuri" even giving to us opportunities to leave, eat, and have a shared room for FREE, in exchange for 3 month and 6 hours per day work in Ashram. Yea great deal)))
 Lets forget about spiritual ashrams and concentrate only on MUSIC ASHRAMS. Do we have something like that in India or anywhere else?  As far as I can look so far, sadly to say - "I can't find it anywhere"
 Offcourse Amritapuri ashram for example, have Tabla classes - 3 times a week as I can remember. And there is some videos in youtube about huge Tabla gathering in Amritapuri. After watching this Video I been very excited and vent there 6 month ago to see myself. I was expecting to find there 100 and 100 Tabla players practicing all around the ashram.  And what do I find?... Yes, there is Tabla classes available at very cheap cost 300 Rupees as I remember. Inside the classes only few people participaiting and about 2 to 8 first time beginners. Apart from this few classes a week there is no Tabla gathering at all. I find there some Tabla players they tell me that they practicing in they rooms. I been trying to do that, but immediately neighbors from next room tell me that its too loud. Over all it is normal Ashram with some music classes. Majority of peps there is not into study music. If you wish to go there for study tabla its best to speak with teacher and find out where is felows Tabla player lives, and after that ask for a room near by.  Or if you like to play outdoors or in huge auditorium you also can do that there. ( If you would like to go there and study tabla, call or email them prior you go, because I am thinking if Amma is out for tour, The Tabla Teacher is going with her) This is only one ashram I find with Tabla classes availability.
 SO, my dears, what to do. Just 1 Ashram like that in all India?
Thanks for reading to the end... I want to hear from you! What is your experience Learning TABLA(or any instrument) in Ashram or Gurukul with accommodation!.
Om Shanti


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