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I'm interested in purchasing Lehra Studio but not sure which version to purchase.

Pro has the following Taals: Keharwa, Dhadra
Ultimate does not have Keharwa and Dhadra Taals like the Pro version.

I like the Raags in the Ultimate version. If anyone knows how I can practice Keharwa and Dhadra in the Ultimate version please let me know.

Thanks in Advance.

p.s I have attached the Pro and Ultimate Libraries.

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pdf lehrastudiopro.pdf (36.93 KB, 64 views)
pdf lehrastudioultimate.pdf (40.17 KB, 64 views)


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I have both, and find myself using Ultimate a bit more often, mainly because I really enjoy the timbre of Sarod for practicing kaida palta over extended periods of time. That said, it is nice to have the groove taals, and if you play a lot of dadra and keherwa you'll probably get more use out of pro (but, be aware, the only instrument that has loops for those taals is harmonium, and I don't find the clips that they used to be entirely satisfying or even in tempo). I don't believe there is a way to practice dadra/keherwa in Ultimate, and I think that fact—along with the separation of what ultimately appears could have been a single product into two apps—was done by strategic marketing design.

Honestly, I wish that they had made one single LehraStudio and planned to update it, or even offer in-app purchases for additional instruments, lehras, and taals. I excitedly anticipated the release of all three of Aman Kalyan's apps (the above two, and Raga Studio). While I do enjoy them all, I really wish they had been rolled out in a different fashion, and hope that they are updated in the future.

As an aside, I recently bought the NagmaLive app, and that one is getting a lot more use on my end. I find the interface design, features, and recordings to be superior to the LehraStudio apps, but also have found minor gripes with it (main one: hoping more taals will be added in future updates... No dadra/keherwa currently, FYI). Easier to criticize than to produce, I suppose, and the capitalist ritual of money-for-product always seems to make me feel entitled to moan and groan. In the end though, all of the above-mentioned apps have been useful, and I don't seriously regret any of my purchases. 

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Just released and on sale


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I looked at your files and see that the Pro version I have only has santoor and sarangi.  Is there an update for Pro?  The version I have is 1.9. Thanks...
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