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Originally Posted by "trake"
Greetings to all,

We have recently launched an android app LayaTarang which is intended for practice of layakari.
With LayaTarang, learners of hindustani music ( tabla, vocal and instrumental ) and dance ( kathak) can sharpen their Layakari skills. The app provides an ability to play 5 basic tals.
Currently it has 3 common sidhi layakari viz., dugun, tigun and chaugun (with a combination of the 3) and 5 different tehri layakari with non integer rhythm ratios viz., 5/4, 3/2, 7/4, 5/2 and 7/2.

A feature-restricted lite version with sidhi layakari alone is also available to try out.

Check out google play!
for more details.

Please try the app. We look forward for your suggestions and feedback for improving the app.

Wishing you greater joy with your music practice!
SiddhiSadhana, the developers of LehraBox
Might there be a youtube video demonstrating its features and capabilities?


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I am a big fan of your LehraBox app and use it nearly every day in my practice. I just tried the "Lite" version of this LayaTarang app. A few comments:

* I like the overall concept, especially since there is no decent tabla app available for Android and this would fill that gap well if it were polished enough
* The tabla is not in tune - the Dhin and Dha are clearly different pitches. This alone ensures I will not buy the full version of the app, since it is too distracting to practice with.
* Additionally, I do not see an option to change the pitch of the tabla. Without this option, the app is really only useful for practicing recitation, but cannot be used for actual tabla, instrumental, or vocal practice.
* The ghungroo sound overlaps itself when playing at moderate-to-high speeds. This sounds very messy. I'm not sure what the best way would be to solve it, other than perhaps 1) using a shorter sound clip for the ghungroo, 2) speeding up the sound along with the metronome speed, or 3) just giving the option to use a click instead of a ghungroo sound.
* In the lite version, it alternates between one cycle without ghungroo and one cycle without. I hope in the full version, the user can customize this. If not, it should definitely be a feature.

I hope you are able to address these issues since, as I said, there is no decent tabla app for Android and I am sure I am not the only one who has been looking eagerly for one. I would gladly buy any android app that had these features.

Love All, Serve All
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