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Hi All,

My son 5.5 yrs old, has expressed interest in learning sitar. Granted he is 5.5 and his views may change over time, I always like to encourage his interests. The local teacher suggested that until he is 8 or so, has strength, and ability to sit for sometime it may not be good to start this early. 

Makes sense. 

What are something I can be doing meanwhile to keep his curiosity satisfied that is age appropriate? One thing that jumps out is probably, just get him to use listening to more sitar audios, so he has the ear for it. He is pretty good about being focused on instrumental music, and also enjoys hands on things. Anything else?

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Of course, lots of exposure to hearing the music!
For learning the swaras, developing the ear, etc., vocal would be very appropriate
and provide a foundation before starting the sitar.

I do know a 6-yr old girl who has recently started sitar; just learning to hold the
half-size instrument is a learning process (but the joy of the first da stroke!);
I believe that most of her lessons so far is actually singing sargam and relating that
to what the teacher plays on the sitar. This may not be a process that'd necessarily
work for all teacher/student combos.

If he prefers hands on, what about harmonium (or other keyboard), maybe in
conjunction with vocal?
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