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I have been playing regularly with two guitar players (one bass and one rhythm/lead) and it is interesting that over time we have learned to understand the basic structures of several ragas and can play effortlessly on mostly raga structures.

This is a lullaby I call Alia's Theme based on a Kaushi Kanada gat but you can see it jams out very naturally and still mostly keeps the raga Swaroop. My friend even made some lyrics up for this:

This is kind of a Malkaunsy jam where we were just warming up and the theme was composed on the spot and was not one that I really knew upfront.

My sitar is amplified with a Myers mic and a Fishman preamp -- prior to the preamp, it was impossible to play with them when they got louder as I could not hear myself. I highly recommend this device as a way ramp up the volume without losing the acoustic quality. 

Los Angeles, CA
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