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Hey ya'll-
As many of you may or may not know, other than my Geetanjali Rikhi Ram, i have a treasured, custom Hiren Roy that was built by Hiren roy, then finished by his son Hemangshu after his death. a little small for me, but it is absolutely to die for and priceless in all manners. The bridge, however, was in need of constant work. I'd play it for 2 weeks, maybe 3 and the main player would go from closed to open jawari and I'd have to pull out my file and paper to get it back to the warm Nikhil-Da sound. Anyway, the action got so low on it that some of the frets were beginning to bump up against the symp pegs.....And there are 15 of those on this Sitar....Yeah, it sounds like a dream....Anyway, I informed Kalyan at the AACM Store That I wanted to get a new bridge and would be down to pick it up at some point. So when I went to the store, he had just finished putting the finishing touches on a delux bridge and handed it over. One thing I was not looking forward to is setting up this new bridge....Anyone out there who has had to take an unfinished bridge and set it up will know the incredible nightmare this is.
All that being said, Kalyan had eyeballed the bridge and cut the bone identicle to another placed hiren Roy bridge there in the shop. Just at a glance, the bridge looked really beautiful and detailed. He even joked that he was gonna put it on his Sitar if I didn't come and pick it up. No joke.........It looked really good.
So yesterday, I finally got a break from all the Apple Computer shit I've been knee deep in and took sometime to go ahead and do the bridge legs and set it up.
So I measured and cut it to specs, put it on my darling Hiren Roy, and prepared to do all the fine filing, etc that was needed.

When I tuned it up....I couldn't believe it.....EVERYTHING sounded perfect...and I mean perfect....I'm definantly a Nikhil-Da devote, so i try to get my Sitars sounding as close to how his sounded, and I have to say that my Hiren Roy from top to bottom now carries the exact sound that I yearn for. I did not one thing to the bridge except cut it down....Just amazing!!!

So I wanted to really throw props to Kalyan for doing such a great job and if anyof you out there need bridge work done, Kalyan is truly the man to see! you will not be disappointed and he will turn the sound of your Sitar around!!! Just wanted to let ya'll know!-Josh

PS: I was reading the post about Alap......Maihar not structured?? Go to Music India Online and listen to the JAijawanti alap,jor,jhalla.....

Just a listener now....Was fun while i played though!
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