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In Kaidas does the 1st line variation usually have to be the same length as the second line? Do the four lines have to be the same length, or can the variation part be longer, then the reprise of the theme?
For example the theme is
dhage tete gege tete   dhage nage tina kina

The variation
|x dhage tete gege tete|2 dhage nage dhina gena|o dhage nage dhin gena|3 dhage nage dhina gena|x dhage nage dhina dhage|2 nage dhina dhage tete|o dhage tete gege tete|3 dhage nage tina kina|

Should the khali end the second time through the time cycle 
|taka tete kiki tete|2 taka naka tina kina|o taka naka tina kina|3 taka naka tina kina|
|x dhage nage dhina dhage|2 ...etc. to make the lines symmetrical

Or contine khali until the theme, making the variation longer then the 2nd & 4th lines

|x taki naki tina taki|2 naki tina taki tina|o dhage tete gege tete|3 dhage nage dhina gena|

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