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excuse me, but how do I insert a picture into my message?

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On the top of the reply box there is a row of clickable buttons. Place your cursor where you want the image in your message and then click on the Img button. A pair of coded html brackets and letters will appear on your message. Copy the url (internet address) of where your image is located (Photobucket, say) and then paste that url in between the centre brackets.

On this forum the image has to be 700*700 pixels or less in size. Actually 700 doesn't work for me, so I make sure my photos are 698*698 pixels or less.

Hope this helps.

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Another way, if you don't have an image hosting service, is to upload directly from your computer like this:

At the bottom of where you type your post there is a tab called "Upload attachment".

Click on it

Click on Browse - This will bring you to a window where you can locate the file on your computer

Click on the picture you want to attach and click the Open button. This closes that search window and puts you back to the post. You should see the file now listed next to "Filename:"

Last step is to click "Add the file"

If you did this right you should now see a box that says "Posted Attachments" and a blank File Comment field. You don't need to enter anything there.

You can continue typing text in the post and when you are done with everything just click "Submit" as usual.

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OK ! i got this then this way it's going to happen as i was a bit confused with the same but now clear with about how it's going to happen .. thanks for sharing the info..
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