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I recently joined Darbar Arts to write a series of extended articles on my absolute passion - Indian Classical in the modern world. We're aiming to engage, inform, and kindle fruitful discussions around the music and its contexts.

So - what would you like to see written about? We really want to engage rasikas around the world, and make this a community endeavour. This is our draft article list.

I really want to engage rasikas from around the world in what we're doing - we're aiming to generate more high-quality discussion around ICM. What do you think of the article list? What are your thoughts or favourite resources on the topics? What else would you like to see written about?

Interview features: leading artists give personal views on ICM in the modern world

-Debashish Bhattacharya - global slide guitars, instrument creation
-Ashwini Bhide Deshpande - ragas and raginis, gendered inspirations
-Sanju Sahai - ancient tabla lineage in a modern global society
-Meeta Pandit - khayal, raga in film, ICM on celebrity news radio
-Akram Khan - Indian classical dance, curating for Darbar
-Trichy Sankaran - secrets of modern Carnatic accompaniment
-Wasifuddin Dagar - dhrupad in an impatient world
-Rupak Kulkarni - designing glass flutes, film composition
-Malladi Brothers - Carnatic traditions, music in family groups
-Shahid Parvez & Parveen Sultana - past, present, future of Hindustani music
-Sandeep Virdee & team - founding and directing Darbar, role of institutions
-John McLaughlin & friends - pioneering deeper ICM fusions in the West

Listening to Indian classical
: how does it sound? forming deeper appreciations
-How your favourite genres chime with Indian classical - jazz, techno, baroque, etc
-How to listen to Indian classical - Hindustani & Carnatic, raga, tala, etc
-Raga explorations 1 - Bageshri, Malkauns, Chandrakauns
-Raga explorations 2 - Bhairavi, Todi, Marwa
-Hindustani tala explorations - Tintal, Jhaptal, Rupak, kayda, bol
-Carnatic tala explorations - Adi, Ata, Rupaka, jaathis, konnakol
-Shakti breakdowns - classical roots of three fusion masterworks
-Inspirations from the natural world - textures, sounds, connections

Exploring the traditions
: social and historical contexts
-Hidden Indian music - lost folk traditions, unrecorded artists, Annapurna Devi
-Tales of the tabla - ancient players and legends
-Instrument craftsmanship - Harjit Singh, changing economics and methods
-Indian influence on classic jazz - Coltrane, Miles Davis, McLaughlin
-Women in Indian music - ambitions, power relations, stifled creativity
-Political & religious power - history, interplay, tolerance, conflict
-Disciplining the whole mind - traditional ways of learning
-New forms of learning - global diaspora, online communities, adaptations
-Modern technology - influence of amps, mics, home studios, etc
-Living traditions - branching futures of Indian classical music

Let me know how this could be improved!

George Howlett

(about me: I play guitar, tabla, santoor, sitar, and hand percussion, and write about topics loosely related to jazz, jungle, rhythm, and Indian Classical. I’m the new writer-in-residence for Darbar Festival, and am recording a Rāga Junglism EP. Also contact me at ghowlett128[at]

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