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Hello to everybody.

I have been entrusted by a friend to sell his collection of top class vintage sitars.
It is matter of Hiren Roy, Kanai Lal & Brother, Rikhi Ram, Naskar, Hemen sitars, plus several ones done by less relevant makers (Kartar Chand, Radha Krishna Sharma ecc ecc)  nonetheless with superior sound quality. There are also 4 sarangis, one vinantage Hemen Sarod (in one single piece), 2 esrajs, a Saraswati Veena, some very serious vintage tampuras.
Here you can see a part of the is possibly the most exclusive collection of vintage playable sitars in Europe.

I will show individually each sitar by the followings posts.
Prices are more than interesting. The friend requires money and he decided to attribute low prices in order to have them sold in a short frame of time.
All the sitars are in Italy, where they can be seen before the sale; otherwise the friend will ship them worldwide.
I can be reached here on this site or by phone : 00 39 35190102708
or by private email :

My name's Fabio Tanzarella.

DSC09264.jpg  DSC09265.jpg  DSC09266.jpg  DSC09267.jpg  DSC09268.jpg


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Very nice collection. Good luck with the sale!!!

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Would this be the collection of a certain author living in Italy who used to be a contributor here on the forum in years past???

If so I can imagine it's a very fine & well curated collection with great provenance.

Please don't be so dismissive of lesser labels among the boutique makers you have named.
Many fine instruments came from the Kartar Chand shop - RKS as well had some beautiful well designed instruments for many years - with great sound  & playability - until they became the catch-all lesser instruments we know today.

I zoomed in on the pictures provided - Got a little grainy on a 24 inch monitor so was hard to tell individual instruments BUT - I do believe this is a marvelous collection
Buyer should be well educated or have someone they trust scrutinize & the seller should provide numerous detailed pictures and provenance even a sound clip for any long distance transactions.
It is very easy to slap a name badge on anything - even a perfect copy or 2nd hand badge....
and unfortunately this is happening more & more in India & around the world.

Not that this is the case - NO disparagement intended or implied - but you have named some fairly large names with long histories and with price points for vintage instruments across the board - from hundreds to many thousands depending on the level of instrument - age - condition - and quality of sound.....

Good luck with your sales - I will be looking forward to the pics & updates to come.

Your Friendly
Hamletsghost [cool]

PS: Once Sitarfixer is back on he should have some interesting comments on this topic. as well as Lars & others..... again GOOD LUCK ---- b


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I'd rather have a very nice Kartar Chand than a Kanai Lal actually! The fancy Rikhiram looks like it might have been made by KC actually, they did a lot of work for Rikhiram in the old days.
Good luck on the sale, if they were in the US I'd be interested in some but shipping here would be really expensive unfortunately. Maybe contact Klaas at Sitarfactory and India instruments in Cologne to help spread the word....


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