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Also play with a looped lehara, even on your phone or whatever, that improved my time dramatically. They have some youtube videos with simple teental leharas, only 10 minutes long though. And of course reciting the bols in your head or out loud. The speech center in the brain is the most powerful tool for memorization and time keeping, something that is overlooked in western music teaching. I also like to "dance" while playing, something I learned from playing drum kit. When you move all of your limbs, it is easier to feel the beat with your whole body in unison, more so I think than just the hand and arm movements of tabla playing. If nothing else, just a metronome works as well. It's better just to have a time reference of some sort so you can focus on your strokes, especially as a beginner. I like to play a piece over and over until it becomes second nature, then focus completely on the baya inflections.

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Great forum topic, not only for the beginners but also for the intermediate players. Rhythm is the hallmark of percussion. I find that keeping up with time while playing Khaidas , relas, chakradhar etc are very challenging for me compared to accompanying bhajans, gazals , filmy etc. In the former, one really needs extensive amount of practice , probably years of it. For the latter, however,one can usually hit the first Bol of the Teka ( Dha, Dhin etc) forcefully, and after 2-3 cycles get the hang of the rhythm and can then just follow the forceful bol. It usually works well for me except however when I try to introduce some variations, I tend to move a bit faster, but I am working on that!! The emphasis on the first bol or any other bols that you pick depending on the song, not only keeps up with the timing, but also enhances the sound and flow of music.
Just illustrating the point is this video by Tej Singh. Go to 2.55 min and see how he plays 8 beat Kherawa.

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Ilehra app for iPhone/IPad really helped me with timing.
Tej Singh

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Metronome will also help. Also saying bols with metronome will help for sure. i recorded Teen Taal Nagma with Metronome and myself counting in background. Let me know if anyone need, i will e mail Lehra. Regards Tej Singh
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