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Hello to everybody there.

Despite having posted first the general announce and later each singular offer, the website has recorded first the individual announces and subsequently the general topic, therefore may not all of you have made the direct association between the messages...
Actually all the posted announces of Rikhi Ram, Hiren Roy, Naskar, Kanai Lal, Hemen musical instruments are all related to the same collection.

About the provenance : they belong to the most appreciate and known Italian dealer of Indian Musical Instruments. He has provided with excellent sitars almost the all Indian Music players in Italy, the Musical Conservatory of Vicenza with some excellent tampuras and in his shop in Roma had performed musicians as Dagarbani members, Asad Ali Khan, Amarnat Mishra and many others.

The instruments can be seen in Rome. If someone will manifest a very serious concern, my friend can set the instrument and have it played to a have a sound simple. But all of you know how it is not very helpful to do so, because the jawari variable, the way the recording itself had been managed and others variable aspects as well.

We do not have yet pictures of the Radha Khrisna Sharma sitars but they are not the recently made ones, we are speaking about the very very best pieces, with the famous numbers on the top of the dandi.
It is useless to even tell that each instrument of this collection is original 100 %...
I do remember to all of you that I can be reached at :

phone number : 00 39 3510102708


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Can you post some pics of the sarangis you have?
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