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Hello folks,

Been a while since I've been around, and I'll admit to neglecting my sitar more than I should lately...past year has been very busy with work and graduate school.  But I've got another (mostly) unrelated music hobby, lately...Hawaiian steel guitar.  I never thought I'd end up with an instrument with more strings than my sitar or surbahar, but meet the newest arrival:


1957 Fender Stringmaster Triple-8.  Currently strung with C6/C13 on the front neck, B11 in the middle, and E13 on the far neck.  She's seen decades of work and is hardly mint, but plays and sounds nice.

Anyway, I was tinkering the other day and realized that my particular tuning of B11 is basically this:  S-P-S-G-P-n-R-m.  Khammaj thaat.  So I put the selector switch on the middle B11 neck, detuned the second string on my C6 neck to match an equivalent S-m tuning on the top two, and played Jhinjhoti alaap on the unamplified neck...the strings on the middle neck echoing nicely as sympathetics through the amp.  If I could figure out how to amplify each neck separately without modifying the wiring, I think it would make an interesting sound...need more gain on the sympathetic neck since you have to play quite hard on the main neck to get the resonance.  Maybe I'll sort something out someday with an external pickup...

So that's been a fun diversion.  Taking Hawaiian steel lessons next year... 


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Orbille Givson made the best steel guitars for Indian music. May I suggest the red Monalisa model?

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