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More from Acharya on the need for reform in the teaching and performance of ICM. Hes basically proposing that the "instrument: a human chanting or playing sitar, sarangi, veen, whisky jug, etc. is acting as a sending and recieving device. The further argument being that we are communicating our spiritual position to the Devas, Kinnari and ultimately a supra-conciounsness as well as recieving signels from the same.

Scientific Roots of the Divine Impact of Mantra Sadhana
That sound can be recorded (e.g., by tape-recorders), amplified (e.g., by loudspeakers), propagated (e.g., by radio and TV signals), recognized (e.g., by the radar), measured and analyzed (e.g., by spectrographs or voice-printers) – in physical terms, proves its existence in matter.... A large number of examples of the destructive and creative effects of sound on matter can also be found in day-to-day life (c.f. previous sections).

Mantra Vidya is based on making perfect use of the gross viz., the sound of the vani of the sadhaka as well as the sublime viz., the consciousness –– the voice of the inner self, expressed in thoughts, emotions and intrinsic strength of the sadhaka, powers of shabda. The study of the higher level impact of mantras vis-à-vis that of the physical sound – in the gross domains of Nature, seems feasible in the modern times of scientific advancement.

The mechanical devices of radar send sound signals – via radio waves – far away in the space and receive the echoed sound back in few micro (10-6) seconds. The radio waves travel at a speed of about 295000 kilometers per second. Whenever their collision takes place with any object on their way, these waves are reflected back (to the radar that is set ‘tuned’ to receive them) at equally fast speed. The vibrations of these reflected signals contain the ‘information’ about the position, size and some other properties of the object. (This is how sound waves help in the recognition – through the radar, of an enemy’s airplane during the war times....).

"The human body could also be regarded as a ‘radar’ with respect to the gross sonic effects of the mantras. The extrasensory inner components (like the sat chakras or the granthis.... etc) of this biological radar send supernormal radio signals in the ‘etheric whole’ via the vibrations of mantras being enunciated in specific rhythms.... This wonderful radar receives back the quintessential signals of shabda as an ‘echo’ from the cosmic nucleus of the mantra.

The latent power of shabda – linked with the spiritual enlightenment and hence with the awakened power of the eternal consciousness of the soul of the sadhaka effectuates the impact of mantras on the ‘radar’ of the sadhaka’s physical, subtle and astral bodies. And thus empowers the sadhaka with the supernatural potentials and afflatus upon successful completion of a mantra-sadhana.............

"Words are said to have a delusive nature (Mahamaya Matrika) because the word itself, although it may contain a reference to an object is often surrounded by clusters or Kulas of lesser Shaktis...."

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If you take this concept and place it in a non-religious, non-metaphysical framework, then what you have is the idea that one's existence is both a culmination of what IS as well as a contributor to it. Can't be false.
The existence of Devas, Kinnari and a supra-consciousness would be left for personal dogmatic preference.
The take-home point being that one's practice affects the world.

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just expose any musically sensitive type person to New Age pentatonic insipid echo-ey piano playing, or most elevator music, and you can produce homicidal reactions ( no kidding!)
or at least, unhappiness.
the Chinese ancients had a very established Bureau of Music whose purpose was to regulate the music of the masses for producing harmonious culture ( again no kidding). one wonders of course what this music actually was, and what was censored!
Sufi Inayat Khan has some very dated/quaint remarks about the 'decadent jazz music'- writing in the 1920's i recall' creating harm to people's delicate souls'.

but certainly ICM has some profound thoughts on sound/music/vibration and its effects on the phenomenal world. i haven't heard anyone actually kindle fire by performing Raga Megh as referred to in shastras, but I'll betcha it can be done by the right soul.
hey Abdul bro, when you finally get T.Marcotty's book on Been and tantra magic-"how to conjure with sound" it's quite explicit about the receiever/generator stuff.

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... you probably mean raag Deepak? The last time I heard my teacher (Irshad Khan) play Raag Megh there was a massive thunderstorm that lasted 3 days. Ok, it was in Bombay during the Monsoon, so he did have a bit of help, but it was magical experience none the less.
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