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Hi Everyone,

Recent discussion have got me wondering: how fast is fast, actually?

The world of guitar playing measures speed in "notes per second." Has anyone attempted to measure the notes-per-second of top sitar players during fast taans? Top guitar playing speeds are at around 20 notes per second, with occaisional bursts of up to 24. That seems to be the technical limit.

Of course, the question is not whether it is actually a necessarily a good thing to play fast. I think we all know the answer: "anyone can learn to type fast but not everyone can write a book." But, form a purely technical point of view, I'm curious as to whether any speeds have been clocked..?

- Rex
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I don't know if anyone has clocked the speeds, but a good indicator would be to guage the laya of the theka. If someone is playing in drut laya , it is quite easy to work out how many BPM their are playing. Then its just a matter of working out what jati the sitarist is working in, say double time or whatever, then just deduce the relevant speed of the taans that way.

p.s. im a little sceptical regarding the 20 notes/sec claim for guitarists. Do you mean they can a pick note 20 times in every second? I don't even think Yngwei Malmstein can get close to that on a Strat.

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Uh, oh...we are going to get some flack about this one!! LOL. One of the things I complain about today's guitar music is the trend to not listen to what's being said, but how fast it is being said. I could probably play faster taans if I didn't care about the context or remaining true to the raag! It would be interesting to "clock" this stuiff, and I know you all agree it is merely academic. Of course, certain ragas are easier as far as playing on sitar, than others. So one would have to clock the playing of the raga or sargam, and then just picking- true?

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Here's a link on the fastest guitarplayers:

The fastest one I've seen was Shawn Lane...

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