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We are uploading more and more videos over the next week to the platform, but right now we have a bunch of tutorials for beginner to intermediate tabla players.

Click on the lessons button on the top left and view our whole video tutorial range. We know you guys will love it.

Theres a sneak peak for all tutorials for around 20 seconds, but yes, it does require a subscription to view all of the tutorial as we do have to pay our teachers to provide you guys with more quality tutorials.

If you guys love it, we are providing you guys with a really special coupon of 50% off to get you guys started with Jannat Music.

Coupon: icm50

I know it does sound a bit salesy, but we do think you guys will love Jannat Music, we have over 200+ tutorials planned to be uploaded to the site over the next few months, all for your benefit.

Theres almost 12 months of work been put into this platform, we really do think you guys will like it and would love to get your opinions on it.

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On the surface, the site looks promising. But it’s difficult to get an impression of what your tutorials are like if we can’t see any examples without paying. All the previews I saw only show 20 seconds of a talking head, which is more frustrating than enticing. I don’t think that’s going to get you a whole lot of customers, especially considering that there is more and more free stuff being uploaded to Youtube all the time, some of which looks very similar to what you offer.

Since your site doesn’t quite look ready, why not have a beta period for a while with a few free tutorials that people can check out and give you feedback on? That’s also a good way to gauge your potential customer base, have a conversation with them, and tailor your lessons to what people are looking for.

A few more questions that come to mind:

- Are there any plans for offering feedback for students? Tabla tutorials without feedback is a very limited and difficult way to learn, even for the highly motivated.

- Who is behind the site? Who is the guy in the videos? Is he an experienced performer and/or teacher?

- What lineage/s is the material from? Is there a balance of Dilli and purab techniques?

I think well-designed digital tutorials combined with some form of feedback (either in person or online) offer great potential, so I support projects like these. But you’re up against an ever growing body of free material, so I think people will want to see why your stuff is worth paying for.

Looking forward to seeing more (as long as some of it’s free!).

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Hey, thanks for providing us with valuable feedback.

We used to have alot of tabla tutorials on the site for free as a way to get feedback and to get more students using Jannat Music. This model however wasnt that sustainable to pay our teachers so we had to switch to a paid model so we can keep filming and keep new content flowing on the site.

We are uploading about 10 tutorials everyday as of now, but for making the content more enticing (instead of the 20sec preview), would a free trial of some sort for a week or so be better?

Also, yes we are planning to do lesson feedback (skype, actual meetings, live lessons) along with the tutorials, both online and offline. Although offline will be limited due to locations.

Yes, this is a problem we identified for the site as it does not mention who the teacher is. Although the teacher himself is Chris Fields ( Our curriculum is overlooked by his guruji Pt. Ram Chandra Suman.

As for the techniques, I will have to get back to you on that.

As you said the tutorial preview is not very enticing, so would you like it, if I provide you with a week free trial so you can have a look at all our content ?

Just enter this and you will get the trial: trialweek
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