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$1,750.00 - plus shipping
Excellent playing condition

Skin and strings changed by Montino Bourbon

Shallow cracks in back filled and sealed by Ron Chacey 

Tony Kararsek tipped me off to this one about a dozen years ago. It had been purchased in the early 70's by a lady who was studying with Ali Akbar Khan. When I had Montino Bourbon change the head and strings, he told me that this one was one of the better sarods the college received during the 70's.

I'm cashing in a dream. Sarod pulled me towards Indian music in the 60's. But, after hearing recordings of Vilayat Khan, I began studying sitar with Shyam Yodh and then Rais Khan.

When I had the opportunity to buy this instrument, I was hoping to re-engage my sarod dream. But it hasn't happened for me. If that's you're dream, this instrument might be for you. It's in excellent playing condition and has that classic Ali Akbar Khan sound.

I'm in Southwest Colorado if you're nearby and want to see it.  front.jpg  bridge.jpg  side.jpg  emblem.jpg  100_8178.jpg    

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