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Hello Everyone,

I want to go to India to study tabla. My guruji told me, for maximum benefit, it would have to be a sabbatical meaning-- having a job would hinder the learning process.

It must be a year of completely dedication oneself to the tabla world and being with the guru always.

I want to go for a year

Has anyone from the USA been to india to study? and would be kind enough to offer advice on how to fund this and just the spectrum of actually DOING this?

I guess on the positive side, the USA currency would translate a bit higher but i'm not sure how much more.

Any positive help on making this come true would be sincerely appreciated. My guruji lives in mumbai.


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Actually i am thinking the same. I am a banker by profession but i love playing percussions much more than having so called reputed job and earning money. Yah you should go for it. India is the place where you would get lot more to learn about everything, from recent happenings with ustads to every nitty gritty of playing tradition. I plan to go there about a year later. And since playing any instrument would be like doing meditation, we gotta spend 24/7 on it for perfection and that would be easier if your stay in gurukul or similar places. But excuse me for i have no idea regarding the funding and all.. hope some would post their answer here soon. good luck!!
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